80 million of images are shared only in Instagram daily. 80% of those images have no text associated to it that describes its content. There’s a message that can only be read visually. Without the correct tool, you’re missing it.

Our Beginnings

Within the ecosystem of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with research as our main asset, Visual Tagging is created as a Spin Off. Currently, it is particpated by Telefonica and promoted by the accelerator Ogilvy.


With the latest technology in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Visual Tagging is able to analyse videos and photographies real time, classifying and detecting products, brands and logos, within their use context. 



Visual Tagging is nurtured by the research in Artificial Intelligence of its team members, who are Computer Vision researchers and PhDs in computer science. The continued improval of the algorithms is the key to the excellence of the product offered by Visual Tagging, as well as its technological development and deployment, always attending the market’s demands and specific needs of their clients.


Visual Intelligence
Computer Vision
Artificial Intelligence
Deep learning

The Visual Tagging team

Jordi Gonzàlez

Scientific Leader

Jonathan Britton

Business Development

Miguel Viñas

Engineer Senior

Our customers’ opinions

  • Before using the platform at work, I tried out the free demo for my personal profile where I share my travel pictures. I’ve been now followed 10 new people per day without making a big effort to update. No doubt, I’ll be introducing the tool in the accounts I manage professionally.

    Javier Vilajosana
    Social Media Manager

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Analysis in the visual era has never been so simple


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