Visual Tagging: from interaction to knowledge

  • Grow

    Increase your community

    Instagram limits the number of likes and comments, use them wisely. Send them to your target public manually or program them to be sent automatically, for example, to a selection of publications in which your logo appears, in a specific localisation to defined users.

    Connect with people

    8 of every 10 posts in which your Brand appears has no text that identifies you, therefore you’re missing the opportunity to have your say 80% of the chances. Detect and interact with your best influenzers and Brand ambassadors.

    Request Media: Improve your conversion rates

    Find original and spontaneous brand images within your community. Request and obtain permits over any image to be used outside of Instagram with only one click. They could be the best art work for your next marketing campaing.

  • Measure

    Measure your sponsorship’s impact

    Obtain a report of the real repercussion of your sponsored campaign. Social network clipping, get the number of times your logos have appeared within published images and videos.

    Events: Only listen to what you’re interested in

    Analyse the impact of your Brand image in events or marketing campaigns. With collections, the listening scope can be restricted by logos, hashtags, users and locations.

    Measure your reputation… or your competence’s

    Detect reputation crisis in time and build client loyalty. Or locate your competition’s reputation crises and take advantage of them. Detect possible alliances: analyse visually with which other brands you are naturally linked by users.

  • Comprehend

    Advanced analytics

    With geographic, temporal and demographic data based in face analysis, you can understand where and when relevant posts are shared, and who is sharing them, also getting the best hours to interact with users.

    Find your best influenzers

    Locate possible brand ambassadors. Search for the most active consumers/users, with most interactions and a major influence. It’s indifferent if they name you or not, if your logo is in the image, you’ll find the post.

    Analyse the text

    Even without a textual reference to your brand or product, you can see in context the words used when your products are consumed. Language, number of words, likes and comments in each post.

    Segment your target public by scope

    With image analysis, locate your target public depending on the scope: events, fashion, lifestyle; or by places: domestic, open aire, beach, city…

    Analyse the logo’s importance

    Discover how much image space your logo is covering within the images and if it appears along with other brands, opening the possibility to find new collaborations with new businesses.

  • Know

    Know the habits of your users and clients

    Analyse and detect your users and clients’ habits in depth with the data obtained from image and video analysis in social networks, processed in real time.

    Your brand’s use context

    Analyse the use context of your brand and products: where, how, when and with whom are they consumed or used. Your products… or those of your competitors.

    Gain insights and actionable data

    Detect trends, analyse habits, obtain privileged information for creative, innovative, and most importantly, effective advertising campaigns. Advance your public and your competition.

    Carry out market studies

    Know if your new activtities or economic perspectives are commercially viable by the direct observation of your competitors and target public.


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